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Totally confused about where things are on island? We have been too!!! So we are trying to fix that with our google mashup map of fun things to do on Okinawa – beaches to visit, kid’s parks, scuba diving locations, and more.

Google Mashup Map of Okinawa Japan

What are we missing on our map? Leave a comment and let us know!


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Zanpa Beach & Bolo Point Lighthouse (Panoramic Photograph)

We’ve added A TON of new photos, pics, and slideshows to the photograph section of our Time2PCS.com. As you will see, the beautiful beaches, scuba diving, coral reefs, and crystal blue, postcard-picture waters are absolutely amazing. . .if you are fortunate enough to be stationed here, whether at Camp Foster, Kadena Air Base, or another military installation on island, you know how truly awesome it is.

We will continually be updating these – and we are testing out several different slideshow formats.

Here are two in the new format: Panoramic slideshow & Diving at Maeda Point

Here are two in the old format: Welcome to Okinawa & Okuma Beach Slideshow
(NOTE: old slideshows take about 30 seconds to load! after that, they play all the way through!)

Let us know which is your favorite picture slideshow and we’ll begin moving the others to this design!

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