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Funky car in Okinawa Japan

. . .broken down car: Did you know that MCCS & AF Club Card holders are eligible for FREE roadside assistance? This includes towing, retrieving keys locked inside your car, and jump-starting the vehicle.

If your vehicle breaks down, call your respective automotive shop (USMC/Navy call 24-hour Islandwide Towing at Camp Foster 645-6181); AF club members – for the FREE roadside assistance, you will need to call Kadena Car Care Center at 633-0481 – note that the AF car care center is ONLY open weekdays and only banker-style hours, so you’re out of luck on the discount if your car breaks down outside business hours….as we discovered recently).

See more “Did you know?” tips here.

***Note, MCCS card phased out as of 1 January 2008 – see link for details: http://www.mccsokinawa.com/mccs.asp?id=171


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