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Zanpa Beach & Bolo Point Lighthouse (Panoramic Photograph)

We’ve added A TON of new photos, pics, and slideshows to the photograph section of our Time2PCS.com. As you will see, the beautiful beaches, scuba diving, coral reefs, and crystal blue, postcard-picture waters are absolutely amazing. . .if you are fortunate enough to be stationed here, whether at Camp Foster, Kadena Air Base, or another military installation on island, you know how truly awesome it is.

We will continually be updating these – and we are testing out several different slideshow formats.

Here are two in the new format: Panoramic slideshow & Diving at Maeda Point

Here are two in the old format: Welcome to Okinawa & Okuma Beach Slideshow
(NOTE: old slideshows take about 30 seconds to load! after that, they play all the way through!)

Let us know which is your favorite picture slideshow and we’ll begin moving the others to this design!


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Sunset Cruise in Okinawa (not the actual ship)

So we happened upon this great opportunity the other day. . .have not had a chance yet to book it yet, but it is definitely on my to-do list with my husband!

Here’s the finer details on how to charter a private sunset cruise boat (ideal for 1-2 couples). . .

Departure times vary (dependent on sunset times)
You charter (rent out) the “Intrepid” for a relaxing private sunset cruise off of the coast of Okinawa. The “Intrepid” is ideal for one or two couples.
Cruise includes snacks and beverages.
Cruise length is about 2 hours. Boat driver IS included.
Call 634-6344 (Kadena Marina) to reserve a sunset cruise

For other fun, affordable dating ideas for couples living in or visiting Okinawa Japan, check out this page. . .

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We have updated our weather page.  It covers weather for Kadena AB, Camp Foster, Nago, & Okinawa Japan.

You will find a one-page summary that automatically updates the current radar satellite shots, daily weather briefs, quick links to 5-day forecasts, and typhoon and tropical storm tracking through several feeds. 

No need to look in 40 different locations anymore. . .:-0    if you have a favorite link or feed we might have missed, please let us know.

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Did you know that because you are overseas you can use coupons on base at the PX, BX, and the Commissaries for up to 6 months after the shown expiration date?  Where can you pick these up?  Glad you asked!  Once you enter the Commissary and are facing the checkout counters, you will see a customer service window.  Ask for coupons at this window – you are allowed to pick up a stack of coupons once per day.

 See more “Did you know. . .” tips and tidbits here.

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We have started a new section on our main website called “Did you know. . .?”  In short, it is a section of tips and helper tidbits about Okinawa Living. . .you will find money saving tips, information about space-A upgrades, and more.

Today’s addition to “did you know. . .” is about the emergency room – did you know that the emergency room is located on the hospital on Camp Lester (which by the way is the largest overseas hospital in the United States Navy – servicing 55,000+ beneficiaries!).  The clinic at Kadena AB closes at 430 pm on Friday and does not open until Monday (except  

Make sure you know how to get there (from Kadena, head out Gate 1 southbound onto 58.  A few miles later – just past the ferris wheel on your right and directly across from a Starbucks – is the Camp Lester entrance.  Hospital is right in front of you at that gate).  Their 24-hour information desk can be reached at DSN 315-643-7555.

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Oura Wan BeachOura Wan Beach & Watersports

We stayed at the Cottages at Oura Wan on Camp Schwab several weeks ago. . .of the other MWR cabins, cottages, and camping locations we have stayed at (including White Beach and Okuma), these are a cut above the rest. 

Seriously high class operation and much better than your standard MWR lodging facility.  The cottages are each inspired with their own unique Ryukyun (Okinawan) decoration themes.  Comfortable queen beds are found in the bedrooms and sofa sleepers (more on the lump side) in the living rooms.

Great attention to detail at Oura Wan – You will find a fully equipped kitchen with tile floors throughout, modern cabinets, full sized fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc.  Only things missing are an oven, the 2 extra burners, and a dishwasher.  Outside you will find a decently sized patio deck complete with Weber gas barbecue grill and even an extra propane tank.  Cable TV, DVD players, and Playstation2 are also provided.  Additional information on amenities available at the MCCS cottages is available here.

From Friday to Monday, you can rent kayaks, sailboats, jetskis, windsurfs, or charter a boat (yes, you can charter a boat for your own personal scuba diving or fishing outing!).   Also, take note that on Saturdays, the Oura Wan boating center offers FREE sailboat lessons at 9 am.  These are by reservation only, so do call in advance to 625-3683. 

Planning your trip – don’t forget which days the boating center is open.  If you want to rent watersports equipment, schedule reservations for Friday thru Monday.  If you like an extra quiet & private beach, schedule the cottage from Tuesday thru Thursday since the boating is closed on these days.

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